Friday, June 13, 2014

iOS 8 Beta 2 Release Date

iOS 8 beta 2 release date is known and we are the first ones to write about it. Yes, ios 8 beta 2 will be released very soon and we today reveal the dates of ios 8 beta 2. You can also download ios 8 beta here on our blog for all your ios devices. Feel free to visit and download ios 8 beta for all ios devices.

Apple unveiled the first iOS 8 beta on Monday, June 2. Since then, developers (and many non-developers) have been playing around with what is likely to be the first of at least six iOS 8 betas released in the coming months. So when should we expect Apple to release iOS 8 beta 2, and when will the first beta expire?

While there is no way to accurately say exactly when the next iOS 8 beta will come out, we can take a look back at the past history of Apple iOS beta releases to get a ballpark figure of when the next one should arrive.

First, the first iOS 8 beta is set to expire on Wednesday, July 16. After that time, any iPhone or iPad with the first iOS 8 beta installed will no longer work. In terms of when to expect iOS 8 beta 2, we can go back in time for the answer.

2010: Time between iOS 4 Beta 1 and 2: 12 days2011: Time between iOS 5 Beta 1 and 2: 18 days2012: Time between iOS 6 Beta 1 and 2: 15 days2013: Time between iOS 7 Beta 1 and 2: 14 daysExpect Apple to drop the second iOS 8 beta as early as Saturday, June 14, to as late as Friday, June 20.

I hope you got an idea when will the iOS 8 beta 2 is gonna release and you got an answer to the question of ios 8 beta 2 release date. Share our blog if you find us interesting, and keep visiting for all ios8 beta downloads. Thank you!


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