Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Download iOS Beta 2 IPSW For iPod Touch

Hello everyone, ios beta 2 is already out and you can download ios beta 2 ipsw now here at Download ios 8 beta blog. iOS 8 beta 2 ipsw is available for iPod touch now and we are bringing you the exclusive link to download ios beta 2 ipsw for your 5th generation iPod Touch. There are certain improvements in the iOS beta 2 update by Apple like the pre-installed podcasts app, ad block in Safari and much more. So get ready to download ios beta 2 ipsw for iPod touch now!

New in iOS 8 beta 2 !
  • The Podcasts app is now preinstalled with iOS 8. In current builds, users who want to use the app have to download it from the App Store.
  • A new Podcasts app welcome screen detailing new features in the app.
  • Apple has fixed a huge annoyance with ads in Safari. “Safari now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user interaction.”
  • There’s a new introduction screen for Private Browsing in Safari.
  • You can now quickly add a site to Shared Links or save a bookmark by tapping and holding on the bookmarks button.
  • Apple’s QuickType keyboard suggestions are now available on the iPad as well.
  • iMessage Camera and Voice icons aren’t blue anymore, but grey instead.
  • There’s a new Home Data menu under Settings > Privacy that’ll list apps that access your Home Data via HomeKit.
So these were some updates in the new ios beta 2 update by Apple. So now we will be providing links to download ios beta 2 and enjoy the newest update of ios 8 by Apple on your iPod touch.

You can easily download the ios beta 2 ipsw for ipod touch from the above link and start using the improved ios 8. Share our blog if you liked the post and keep visiting for more cool ios 8 beta download updates, thanks!


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