Thursday, June 19, 2014

Download iOS Beta 2 For iPad 3 All Models

ios beta 2 download free now! Hello everyone, ios beta 2 is ready for download for iPad 3. iOS 8 was released at WWDC 2014 and now you can download ios 8 beta here at out blog. iOS 8 features were some of the most interesting ones like the Family Sharing, Continuity and lots more. Download ios 8 beta 2 for all devices here. You can check all the links here. iOS 8 download is available now here on our blog, so just choose the link and start downloading.

ios beta 2 download for ipad 3

iOS 8 beta download is available here on our blog and you can easily download ios 8 by choosing the perfect link according to your device and download ios 8 beta 2. iOS 8 beta is a very smooth OS by Apple as it's in the test version, you can report the bugs to Apple by testing the ios 8 beta download.

I hope you found your ios beta 2 download for iPad 3. We provided links for any iPad 3 model to download ios beta 2 easily. We hope you enjoyed the article and found interesting stuff, share our blog and keep visiting for more such updates, thanks!

Download iOS Beta 2 For iPad 2 All Models

Apple released the new ios beta 2 a couple of days back for all iOS devices and we are here bringing you the ios beta 2 ipsw to download ios 8 beta 2 on your iPad 2. We have ios beta 2 for all iPad 2 models and the iOS 8 beta 2 is all improved with better features like Private browsing in Safari, new iClouds photos welcome screen, new Podcasts app and much more.

I'm sharing all the links below for ios beta 2 download for iPad 2, so just click on the preferred link and go to the page and start downloading ios 8 beta 2 for your device. We provide you with the latest and most fresh updated links of ios8 beta download so do help us by sharing our blog too. Your help would be much appreciated.

Download ios beta 2 for iPad 2 CDMA
Download ios beta 2 for iPad 2 GSM

So here are the links you need, grab them now and start enjoying ios beta 2 on your iPad 2. ios8 beta download for iPad 2 is easily available from our blog so do share the blog with your friends and help us grow. Keep visiting the Download iOS 8 Beta blog for more regular updates about iOS8 Beta downloads. Thank you!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Download iOS Beta 2 IPSW For iPod Touch

Hello everyone, ios beta 2 is already out and you can download ios beta 2 ipsw now here at Download ios 8 beta blog. iOS 8 beta 2 ipsw is available for iPod touch now and we are bringing you the exclusive link to download ios beta 2 ipsw for your 5th generation iPod Touch. There are certain improvements in the iOS beta 2 update by Apple like the pre-installed podcasts app, ad block in Safari and much more. So get ready to download ios beta 2 ipsw for iPod touch now!

New in iOS 8 beta 2 !
  • The Podcasts app is now preinstalled with iOS 8. In current builds, users who want to use the app have to download it from the App Store.
  • A new Podcasts app welcome screen detailing new features in the app.
  • Apple has fixed a huge annoyance with ads in Safari. “Safari now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user interaction.”
  • There’s a new introduction screen for Private Browsing in Safari.
  • You can now quickly add a site to Shared Links or save a bookmark by tapping and holding on the bookmarks button.
  • Apple’s QuickType keyboard suggestions are now available on the iPad as well.
  • iMessage Camera and Voice icons aren’t blue anymore, but grey instead.
  • There’s a new Home Data menu under Settings > Privacy that’ll list apps that access your Home Data via HomeKit.
So these were some updates in the new ios beta 2 update by Apple. So now we will be providing links to download ios beta 2 and enjoy the newest update of ios 8 by Apple on your iPod touch.

You can easily download the ios beta 2 ipsw for ipod touch from the above link and start using the improved ios 8. Share our blog if you liked the post and keep visiting for more cool ios 8 beta download updates, thanks!

Download iOS 8 Beta 2 IPSW For iPhones

Apple has just released the new ios 8 beta 2 ipsw and you can download ios 8 beta 2 ipsw now for your ios devices. The ios 8 beta 2 ipsw download is available on our blog and you can easily download ios 8 beta 2 ipsw for your preferred ios devices right here from the below provided links. The ipsw firmware is now available for download, developers can directly download beta 2 from dev center, unregistered users can download the ipsw file from the links we posted below. Of course, all users have installed beta 1 can get the update via over-the-air in iOS 8’s Settings menu.

There are numerous fixes done on the HealthKit and Handoff feature between iOS 8 Beta 2 and Yosemite Beta 2. Apple's QuickType keyboard premieres on iPads, too. Finally, the Apple's Podcast app comes pre-installed with iOS 8 Beta 2, as it was with the iBooks app in Beta 1.

Upon installing iOS 8 beta 2, developers will discover that Apple's official Podcasts application is now built in to the operating system. Accordingly, it cannot be uninstalled.

The new beta also introduces Apple's new QuickType keyboard on iPad, after being available on iPhone in the first beta. QuickType presents three recommended words above the keyboard as a user types, and the system will intelligently learn a user's preferred words as they use iOS 8 over time.

iOS 8 beta 2 also comes with a number of bug fixes. For example, the new release ensures that the screen brightness slider in Settings now works, and also prevents crashes when adding a third-party keyboard. Find the iOS 8 beta 2 ipsw links below and start downloading them, enjoy!

Download ios 8 beta 2 ipsw for iPhone 5S (A1453, A1533)

So these are the links for you to download ios 8 beta 2 ipsw for iPhones. So what are you waiting for? Download ios 8 beta 2 ipsw from the above links and enjoy the new features and fixed bugs. Share our blog if you liked this article and do keep visiting for more ios 8 beta download updates and more. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Download iOS 8 Beta 2 For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (ALL LINKS)

Apple has just released the ios beta 2 download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Yes, you can download ios 8 beta 2 for ios devices now if you have an registered Apple UDID. Just follow the links provided below and you can download ios 8 beta 2 for iphone, ipad and itouch devices.

iOS 8 beta 2 is now available for developers with compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices as an over the air (OTA) download and as a download from Apple’s developer portal. The new software addresses a number of bugs from the first iOS 8 beta, and we’ll update this post with Apple’s full release notes / change log as soon as we receive them.

The new beta version comes just over two weeks after the first beta was released. The first iOS 8 beta had revealed a number of hidden features and improvements. You can download ios 8 beta 2 from the given below links easily and make sure that you're a member of iOS developer program.

iPod touch:
You can check all the iOS 8 features and also Download iOS 8 beta 1 for all iOS devices from these links. We hope that you got updated with the latest iOS 8 beta 2 update and you found it first on our blog. Share the news and help us grow, keep visiting for more new ios 8 beta updates. Download ios 8 beta 2 now and enjoy all the new cool features. Thanks!

Monday, June 16, 2014

iOS Beta 2 Release Today

The release iOS Beta 2 is expected today. iOS beta 2 is very awaited by all the Apple fans as IOS 8 beta 2 download is highly wanted in the whole world. Apple unveiled the first iOS 8 beta on Monday, June 2. iOS Beta 1 brings lots of new features, and some hidden features, such as we found iOS 8 beta 1 enhanced the anti-theft, AirPlay without Wi-Fi, the picture can be hidden by a long press, quick search in Safari more faster, Safari password sharing and so on.

If Apple will stick to its original release pattern, it is highly possible that the iOS 8 beta 2 download will be available less than 24 hours from now. Although an official announcement has not been made yet regarding the release of iOS 8 beta 2 download, the next test version may arrive exactly two weeks after the WWDC 2014.

According to the Product Review post, there are developers complaining about the battery drain in iOS 8 caused by the location services. Also, other issues that need to be fixed include the photo app which should show on the camera roll the last picture taken. Also, frequent crashing of the settings needs a fix as well.

The iOS 8 beta 2 download can be accessed for free by members of the Apple Developer Center. However, the annual membership is priced at $99. The iOS 8 beta 2 download can be installed on compatible models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The full changelog as well as the compatible models for the second beta of the latest mobile OS from Apple will definitely be available as soon as the iOS 8 beta 2 download was released.

We will bring you all the ios 8 beta 2 downloads for all ios devices. So stay tuned as we are always up for any new ios 8 beta download. Share our blog and keep visiting, thanks!

Check : Download iOS8 Beta Now For All iOS Deivces

Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Apple iOS 8 Features

Yearly we witness a few marvelousness in the square by Apple as they have their yearly designer meeting, Apple WWDC. Apple WWDC 2014 was held today, where ios 8 features and Mac OS X Yosemite were propelled by Tim Cook. ios 8 features is essentially an enhanced variant of its ancestor, ios 7 with a portion of the helpful and fundamental gimmicks that a mobile ought to have. This article is principally centered around understanding the principle new and fascinating peculiarities of ios 8 features and thus knowing ios 8 features in detail, so here we go!

Send last location to Apple before your battery dies - If you've ever lost your iPhone, this new feature allows your iPhone (or iPad) to send its last known location to Apple when the battery drains to a critical level. iCloud presently holds this information for 24 hours, but this new setting will allow Apple to access location information for a lost device for a longer period of time.

Identify songs - Siri now includes Shazam integration. If you ask Siri, "What song is playing?", it will cause her to listen to the ambient sound, using Shazam to identify music.

Credit card scanning - In iOS 8's web browser (Safari), you can utilize the camera to scan in credit card numbers when making online purchases, rather than manually entering your credit card number.

New smart Photo Albums - The Photos app has received new organizational options, including two albums for "Recently Added" and "Recently Deleted." The Recently Deleted section temporarily displays images that have been removed from the app in case of accidental deletion. The date and time a photo was taken is also displayed.

Time-lapse photography - The Camera app has gained a new Time-Lapse mode, which captures a series of images and then compiles them into a time-lapse video. There are also new manual exposure controls, which allow exposure to be selected when taking a photo, and a self-timer mode that can be set for three or 10 seconds.

HealthKit and updated Health App - The new Health app gives you an easy-to-read dashboard of your health and fitness data.They have created a new tool for developers called HealthKit, which allows all the incredible health and fitness apps to work together, and work harder, for you. It just might be the beginning of a health revolution. What HealthKit does is that it will consolidate the data from those health apps and devices and processes them in a way that we can understand better.

We hope you got information about all the new ios 8 features, comment in your views about the new OS by Apple for ios devices. Share this post and keep visiting for more ios 8 beta and different updates. Thanks!